One very common question we get is – what are the must see places in Turkey?   Or – what are the top 10 tourist sites in Turkey?  We’ll to answer that I wanted to give a brief overview of the 10 best tourist places before showing a  10 day tour that will get you to the best places in Turkey.

First off- we like to remind travelers to Turkey that Turkey travel is about enjoyment -not just rushing from place to place.  As such – we have found after planning hundreds of Turkey tours that adding a day or two in Istanbul or in Cappadocia can greatly improve the pace of your trip – meaning slowing it down.

So with out further ado here are the 10 ten places to see in Turkey and how I would plan a 10 day Turkey Tour:


  1.  The Hagia Sophia – without a doubt and my own personal favorite architectural gem in Turkey.
  2. Ephesus – the Ancient Biblical city that is well preserved with amazing terrace houses and amphitheater.
  3. Cappadocia’s landscape – just being in this amazing volcanic ash fairy tell landscape is worth the trip.
  4. The Mediterranean coast – Especially from Antalya to Fethiye – where else can you get 8000′ mountain tops 1 mile from the sea?
  5. The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque) – using the dome example from the Hagia Sophia this makes a beautiful sister to its counterpart both set on either side of a large pedestrian park.  The view from between the two is breathtaking.
  6. The Dolmabahce Palace – The locaton on the Bosphorous Straits and the sheer grandeur of this 19th century Ottoman expression of European luxury is one of my top spots in Istanbul.
  7. The Goreme Open Air Museum – the number of rock cut churches with amazing mosaics is a high value tourist spot in Cappadocia.
  8. The View of Istanbul from the Bosphorous Straits – Taking a ferry ride from Asia to Europe and seeing the home of close to 20 million people along with a glass of Turkish tea- is one of those repeatably predictable but still amazing moments.
  9. The Topkapi Palace –  So you come to Turkey for the exotic – specifically the Ottoman – here is ground central for the flow of Ottoman history outward.
  10. Pamukkale – The Cotton Castle – The Limestone Fountain – Still worth seeing despite its somewhat dreary look – built into the ancient city of Hierapolis and only 5 miles from Laodiciea this is still one of the places that is a must see.


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