Thanks to the new system implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Turkey, travelers coming to tour our beautiful land can now apply for their entry visa online:

The old system for Turkey tourists:
Previously, after your long international flight, you had to go to a sometimes confusing window BEFORE passport control and give exact change ($20 for US citizens) to receive a sticker that was placed in your passport.  You would then proceed to the passport control area where you would wait for your passport to be reviewed processed and stamped.

The New System to travelers to Turkey:
The new system follows 3 simple steps:

1.  Apply at the e-Visa website located at

2.  Make your payment using your credit card during the application process.

3.  Lastly, you can then download your E-Visa and print it out to give to the immigration officers upon your arrival to Turkey.

Full details are available in the instruction video below:

A few helpful hints for your as you prepare you e-Visa for your tour to Turkey:
a.  Be sure to have all passports handy before you start the online process.
b.  Ensure you have a valid credit card as well.
c.  Take care to download your e-Visa AND PRINT IT OUT.  We recommend that you print it immediately and put it inside your passport.  You will have to hand over the printed document at immigration.

Here’s the full instructions:

2 thoughts on “How to get your Visa online before your Turkey Tour

  1. Yes, you will receive the visa via email – you must bring that with your passport to clear passport control in Turkey.

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