"Which Istanbul hotel has the best views for my Turkey tour?"

This is a question that I am often asked - "which hotel has the best views?"  This is an excellent question - because Istanbul has mild weather - not too cold winters and not too hot summers so many months were you can sit outside.  Istanbul is also an intriguing place to people watch.

The answer to this question is both simple and at the same time a bit complicated.    Simple - because we always have our guests stay as close to the sites and areas they want to see.  And the closer you are to say a World Class monument like the Hagia Sophia - the more likely you are to have great views.  Or perhaps you prefer the open vistas of looking across the Bosphorous - then stay there.

The answer though is much more complicated though.  Hotel sites always show their best rooms and views - and there's no guarantee you'll have that view.  In fact more often than not those rooms with the views are suites and special rooms.  Also, because Istanbul is a bustling city - many hotels have only 1 side with a view.

So why take the chance to travel all the way here without a clear sense of where to stay?  Sojourn visits all the luxury hotels of Istanbul regularly and we can point you to the best hotel and the best rooms at those hotels.  (Those suites we mentioned above - I keep a list  - of the best rooms in the best hotels).  We serve our clients by ensuring they plan to get the best rooms on their Turkey tour -whether you tour Istanbul, tour Cappadocia, or tour Ephesus - we know the rooms and will gladly help arrange your luxury tour in Turkey.  Contact us for a customized itinerary today!

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