I occasionally get asked “what’s the best beach in Turkey?”. There’s little debate in my mind that the answer is Patara beach. Located about 45 mins drive from either Kaş or Fethiye, this place is 20 kms of silky sandy beauty.

This is not the place to come for boardwalk life rather it is for those beach lovers and sea lovers that want to enjoy the serenity and expanse of the open sea. A day lounging here in the sun or under an umbrella is true vacation time and not to be missed.

The sand is as silky and fine as any that I’ve seen. This sets it apart from the majority of beaches that are at least partly rocky if not completely pebbled.

An added benefit to Patara beach is it’s namesake the ancient waterfront city, Patara whose ruins sit guard of the beach. The triple arched gates and the ancient theater stand out among the many ruins waiting to be scampered over.


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