Lycia 3 nights / 4 days


Walk in the Lycian Footsteps: Visit the Ancient Sites of the Lycian People

(Lycian: 𐊗𐊕𐊐𐊎𐊆𐊖 Trm̃mis; Greek: ΛυκίαLykía; Turkish: Likya) was a geopolitical region in Anatolia in what are now the provinces of Antalya and Muğla on the southern coast of Turkey, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, and Burdur Province inland.

This unique tour is most often operated over 4 days starting in Antalya, and following the Mediterranean coastline where the Lycian people dwelled. If you have 3 extra days, the tour could reach as far as Antioch of Syria (actually Modern day Hatay/Antakya in SE Turkey), though the distance and travel to reach here is excessive. We recommend instead spending extra time at the beginning or end in Antalya on the beach!

This tour can be designed per your desires and timing, just let us know.  You may consider extending this trip by adding time in Istanbul or Ephesus using direct flights: see the tour extension details at:

Istanbul Extenstion

Blue Cruise from Fethiye 3 nights / 4 days

Blue Cruise

Set Sail on the Mediterranean

After a short drive your continual relaxation begins. You will have to face the designs of the difficulty: deciding swim, snorkel, sleep or sit around – All while the crew cooks, cleans and cares for you. Sleeping under the stars soothed by the soft rocking of the boat as you drift around the Mediterranean

awaken to the stillness and quiet of the Med.

– you may choose to swim before the crew serves a full breakfast, and then you have to decide – swim, snorkel, read, chat, sun bath, or just exist…. the only decision each day is – what cove to visit next.

The boat will weigh anchor before moving to another quiet cove for lunch with options at each cove to wonder the trails on forested hill sides. Rahmi Bedri Cove is pleasant with a fresh water spring and bizarre but ecologically appropriate rock paintings. In the evening you’ll likely get a chance to snorkel the sunken ruins of Cleopatra’s baths. You can also opt for a 1 hour hike up and over the mountain that separates this much protected bay from the open Mediterranean Sea. A full meal under the stars and stillness await you.

You’ll enjoy another wonderful dinner on the gulet and savor the pleasant sea breezes

Ephesus 3 nights / 4 days

Ephesus 2 days / 1 Night TourEphesus

\\ For those of you traveling to other areas of Turkey that want a quick trip to see Ephesus, this is just the tour for you.

Ephesus is the most viisted and likely the most amazing Roman city in Turkey for travellers.  A major pilgrimage point for Christians for literally thousands of years, it is well worth the time and money for a visit.

You’ll see the Odeon, the Bouleterion, Library, Agora, and the Great Theather.  What you won’t see is the Sea!  While in Roman times a port city – due to the Roman’s need for wood, its believed they clear cut most surrounding mountains, resulting in major erosion and, the resultant silting up of the harbor.  The sea is now over 2 miles away!

Also, you’ll stop by the shrine of the Virgin Mary and visit the Ephesus Museum, though while small has some incredible exhibits.

Your 1 tour overnight can be either in the hussle of Izmir, the quite small town of Selcuk very close to Ephesus, or in the Ageaen seaside town of Kusadasi, Turkey.

Cappadocia 3 nights / 4 days

Explore the magical land of fairy chimneys and hot air balloons.

 You will continue to your tour to Uchisar Fortress, Orta Hisar and the Red Valley. Explore Pasabaglari (Fairy Chimneys), Zelve Open Air Musuem (houses carved in rock, Seljukian Mosque and remains). After a lunch break, continue to Esentepe (panoramic view of Goreme,Goreme Open Air Museum (rock cut churches, frescos, monastery) and Kaymaklı Underground City.

You can have the opportunity to fly above Cappadocia in a hot air balloon or ride horses across the unique terrain.


Optional Programs in Cappadocia:

Whirling Dervish Ceremony: $65 per person

Trekking Tour: $50 per person

Hot Air Balloon Ride: 6o Minutes: $220 per person 90 Minutes: $330 per person

Horse Riding Tour: 1 Hour: $60 person Hours: $90 per person

Antalya 3 nights / 4 days


By Land and Sea

Discover Antalya, Turkey a city of entertainment, beaches, and a wealth of rich Turkish culture. Breathe the sea air and stroll among lived-in ancient structures as you enjoy lively Antalya.

On the main day, take advantage of your guide’s knowledge on visits around town and the nearby countryside.

In place of your arrival day tour, or as an added tour on your departure day you may wish to sail on the Mediterranean and relax, followed by a chance to get those last minute gifts.

Your hotel will be in the Old City walking distance to all the great travel sites in Turkey.

Sail the Med – Blue Cruise Tour

Istanbul Highlights 3 Days / 2 Nights Tour

Istanbul Highlights 3 Days/2 Nights Tour

You’ll discover Istanbul, Turkey a city of business frenzy, entertainment, and a wealth of rich Turkish culture. Absorb it’s ancient structures, traveling from its mosques to the Roman influenced architecture.

On the main day, take advantage of your guide’s knowledge on visits to St. Sophia Church and the Blue Mosque, known for its blue colored tiles and architecture. Continue your tour to Byzantine Hippodrome, the renowned Topkapi Palace, and massive bazaar where virtually every knick knack is available.

On your arrival day you may choose to enjoy a cruise by boat on the Bosphorus, the world’s narrowest internationally traveled strait, followed by a cable car ride up one of the many hills making up Istanbul.  Or you may visit the Beylerbeyi Palace and walk the Camlica Hill with a chance for shopping afterwards.

In place of your arrival day tour, or as an added tour on your departure day you may wish to visit the incredible Dolmabahce Palace on the shore of the straits, followed by a chance to get those last minute gifts.

Your hotel will be in the Old City walking distance to all the great travel sites in Turkey.

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