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Sojourn : to make a journey through a region, to travel for a
temporary stay, to visit for a while, to relax on a vacation.

The company was originally established in 2000 in Izmir, Turkey and was subsequently sold to four partners who established the tourism arm. It then received the Turkish government travel agency license as SOJOURN TOURISM, granting legal approval to package all aspects of tourism. In 2007, the company moved its office to Antalya, Turkey, where the owners reside.

During these years, through our many trips we have developed networks with tourism service providers throughout the country. We have relationships with researchers, professors and archeologists that oversee Biblical site excavations throughout Turkey. These contacts also extend as far as local families and farmers in original rug weaving villages who enjoy hosting our tour guests.

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About Sojourn : An American – Turkish Travel Partnership

Why Sojourn In Turkey?

Steeped in ancient and modern culture, travel in Turkey boasts some of the world’s most stimulating and inspirational journeys. Tour Turkey Itineraries include travel to the best preserved Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Selcuk and Ottoman Turkish sites.

Sojourn in the land where the city of Troy fell to the Trojan horse, told by Homer in the Iliad and the Odyssey. During your tour, travel the road of the ancient Persian King ending in Sardis. Visit pre-Greek Hittite ruins spread through central Anatolia. Sojourn as St. Paul did in this land from Perga, to Tarsus, to Antioch, to Ephesus. Follow the path of Alexander the Great and see the one city he just could not destroy. Visit the grandest of all churches, the Haghia Sophia (Aya Sofya) built in the 300’s AD and still standing today as a monument to Byzantine grandeur. While traveling, stay in villages built with stones borrowed from their local ancient Turkish ruins.


Whether your conference draws several hundred or you need to meet with just a few colleagues, let Sojourn Travel do the legwork for you. From family conferences to professional business meetings, we cover every detail with online registration, hotel and meeting room organization, onsite reception, conference accounting and receipting, group day tours and recreation, follow-up evaluations and more.

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